Mental health and psychological activity to preserve it

Sergii Boltivets


The article explores the methodology of psychological activity to preserve mental health on the material “Concepts of Mental Health Care in Ukraine until 2030”, approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 27, 2017 under No. 1018-p. It is noted the conditionality of coverage by the named Concept the spheres of activity of psychologists of the main specializations - educational, clinical, judicial and other as the spheres of psychological knowledge and specialty application, as well as their corresponding specializations, reflecting to a greater extent the field of psychological knowledge application, than its specification locations. The methodologem of the research as a universal way of thought solution of the outlined the problem is the definition of psychology’s social role as a dichotomy of psychology and society: “What is psychology for society?” and “What is society in its own mental being-reflection?” It was carried out the psychological clarification and supplementation of used in substantiated Concept definition of mental health of the World Health Organization (WHO) as a state of complete mental human activity, which provides self-regulation of psychophysiological functions of an organism and self-realization of personality in society. Thus, psychological approaches to the definition of mental health, each of which is based on different sides of the normal and abnormal functioning of the psyche, are harmoniously combined in the above mentioned methodologem of human psychology, developed and grounded by R. Trach. In addition, the category of mental health quality developed by the author and introduced into scientific circulation as an individual trait of personality to provide his own integrity, adequate to his own internal nature. Mental health expressions in various spheres, summarized by M.V. Savchin, methodological foundations of the development of scientific knowledge in this direction, sponsored by A.V. Furman, are presented. The analysis of the problem in the field of mental health in Ukraine was carried out in the form of defining the main ten constituent components named by the Concept. The directions of mental health care and preservation are distinguished, which should represent the integrity of medical and psychological activity. The reflection of the current state of scientific understanding and its implementation into the model of the psychological service of education and other spheres of social practice is carried out. The most important directions of psychological activity of educational psychologists, which ensure mental health preservation of children, adolescents and adults, are outlined.

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human; mental health; psychological activity; mental health quality; methodological foundations

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