Article requirements

Scientific articles should structurally include subsections highlighted in bold font as subheadings:

  1. Statement of the Social Issue.
  2. Research Objective (Aims and Objectives).
  3. Author’s Concept or Idea.
  4. Analysis of Recent Research and Publications.
  5. Identification of Previously Unresolved Parts of the General Issue.
  6. Presentation of the Main Research Material and Obtained Scientific Results.
  7. Conclusions and Prospects for Further Research.
  8. Literature (formatted according to current requirements), including transliteration of references into Latin letters (references).
  9. Two Abstracts (no less than 2,000 characters) in Ukrainian and English, reflecting the essential content of the article.
  10. Keywords for Abstracts provided in two languages (no less than six).
  11. UDC Code.
  12. Author registration in ORCID and ResearcherID databases is mandatory.

The author is personally responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the proposed scientific material. The editorial board reserves the right for scientific and literary editing. Manuscripts are reviewed by two reviewers (doctors of sciences in the relevant field) and may be returned to the author for revision. The question of the time and date of article publication is determined by the editor-in-chief.

The author provides their full name, postal and email addresses, work and home phone numbers, position, academic degree, academic title, brief biographical information, including individual author codes ORCID, ResearcherID, etc. For potential authors, an annual subscription to the journal is mandatory (a scan or photo of the subscription form must be sent). The editorial office receives one copy of the text, including tables, diagrams, and illustrations on separate pages; an electronic version must be duplicated by email. The article is numbered without omissions and alphabetical designations.

Author information (in Ukrainian and English) should be sent to the editorial office along with the article using the following format: surname, first name, patronymic; academic degree; academic title; position; department; place of work (institution of higher education); field of scientific activity; mailing address for publication delivery (courier service, postal service); email address; mobile phone number; ORCID ID (; ResearcherID (; article title; extended abstract (no less than 2000 characters); keywords.