Article submissions

Publication of articles is free of charge. Authors are not required to pay any fees, contributions, or charges. If an author wishes to receive a printed copy of an issue of the Journal of European Economy, this preference must be indicated when submitting the article. The pre-ordered copies of the Journal will be delivered by Nova Poshta or Ukrpost, with the author being only responsible for covering the cost of postal delivery.

Articles should be submitted electronically in a file format compatible with text editors such as Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. The text of the article should be formatted in Times New Roman font, size 14, with a line spacing of 1.5, normal margins, and alignment by width. An indent of 1.25 should be applied, except for elements of the articles structure where otherwise indicated. Articles exceeding 40,000 characters with spaces (excluding the bibliography section) will not be considered.

Submissions are accepted in either Ukrainian or English language.

Articles should be submitted via email to the Editorial Office of at

When submitting a manuscript, authors must confirm its compliance with the following requirements:

  1. This manuscript has not been previously published and is not under review by the Editorial Boards of other journals. (If the manuscript has been or is being considered elsewhere, the author should provide all necessary explanations in the comments for editors section below).
  2. The text adheres to the style and bibliography requirements outlined in the «Article Requirements» section.
  3. The authors are familiar with the Journal’s Editorial and Ethics policies and confirm that the manuscript does not violate the principles set forth therein.

If the submitted work does not meet one or more of these requirements, the editors will either return the materials to authors for revision or reject the manuscript.

Each article received by the Editorial Office is checked for plagiarism. If plagiarism is detected, the article will be rejected without the possibility of resubmission. Similarity with other sources should not exceed 10%. Self-plagiarism is considered as being equal to plagiarism of other authors.

If the outcome of the plagiarism check is positive, the article is sent for review. Depending on the recommendations of reviewers, the article may be rejected, recommended for publication or returned for revision.

After the article is recommended for publication, it will be sent for literary editing and translation. If desired, the authors can submit their own translation of the article from or into the English language. The authors will be sent the translated version of their article for familiarization prior to its publication.

 All articles are published on the official website of the Journal of European Economy and are in open access. Each article is assigned a unique DOI.