The phenomenon of the implicit order in the deep cognition of the psyche


  • Tamara Yatsenko Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Practical Psychology of Cherkassy National University named after B. Khmelnitsky, founder of the scientific school of deep psychocorrection, Cherkasy



deep cognition of the psyche


The article devoted to the actual problem of understanding the psyche in its entirety and phenomenological nature. The article stressed: binomial of mental organization system in its phenomenological nature; fundamental principle of conscious and unconscious inalienability; relevance of disclosure nature of information-distance relationship of conscious and unconscious on the verge of theirs tangent in diagnostic-correctional process ASPP; none of the spheres cannot exist outside the single mental system. The article argues, that “implicit order” represents the interests of both conscious and unconscious, so integrates power field of both areas. This proves the determination of the implicit order. The introduction of the psyche’s activity category helps to clarify and complete the structural “Model of psyche’s internal dynamics” by substructural elements of “invisible horizon” and “implicit order” (marked with line of dots between the conscious and the unconscious).


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