Workforce, labor, workplace, manufacturing – fundamental factors of satisfaction human needs


  • Ivan Buyan Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Economics of the Khmelnytsky Economic University, Khmelnytsky.


workforce, labor, workplace, manufacturing


The ultimate goal of the research is analysis of existing, in particular in Ukrainian socio-economic realities, system of meet the needs of man, moreover, as the action in its bosom of positive phenomena, and the presence in its components of ways and means of solving this problem through compliance false, absurd, anti-human rules,  norms, principles, practical actions of state power, oligarchs, another level entrepreneurs. The content of this article is prepared “basis” for a detail study of the problem field of public life, in particular economic and government factors of complete, comprehensive satisfaction of biological, spiritual, social needs of every citizen. At first, questions of the essence, content, significance of tasks of structured satisfaction of human need were clarified, than was illuminated the question of the place of nature in solving  this problem, that first of all, beginning with primitive society, ensuring human with edible substances, clothing, housing and finally analyzing exclusive role of labor, work, workplace, production process in achieving such level of their development, which made possible the preservation as health, physical and spiritual development of man, and a high level of welfare of the people. To achieve this goal, first of all should be creation of new workplaces and improving existing ones, because exactly this factor most significantly reducing the unemployment rate, determines the amount and quality of manufactured items, services, and therefore the amount of added value. In the next article will discuss public economic and government factors of satisfaction everyday needs of modern human.


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