Knowledge as “ontological reality”: the argument from “a priori”


  • Larysa Komakha Ph.D. in Philosophy, Associate Professor of the Department of Logic at the Philosophy Faculty of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, Kyiv


pragmatism, a priori, argument, logic, experience, meaning ontological, Clive Lewis


The article investigates the problem of the “a priori” in the conceptual pragmatism of C. Lewis. The American philosopher extends the use of “a priori” as an argument to the research of element of “givens” of cognitive experience. It is proved that in our experience a prioribegins with a concept, thus confirming the two elements of experience – sensory data and intellectual knowledge. The nature of “a priori” is revealed intemporality andprocessuality of the real world. It is shown that the result of logical reasoning of a research is the reasoning of knowledge as “ontologically real”; its experience offers the prospect of a new system of epistemological thinking. C. Lewis’ argumentation leads to the conclusion that the experience opens a possibility of understanding of the world process’context. An “a priori element” of experience has its origins in a particular human behavior. An “a priori element” is the main argument for understanding the essence of classical pragmatism, culture of thinking and polyphony of philosophical knowledge.


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