Psychosocial detailing as a methodological procedure


  • Yaroslav Dykyy Postgraduate of the Psychology and Social Work Department, West Ukrainian National University, Ternopil.



methodology, detail, detalization, detailing, social mechanism, psychological mechanism


The interdisciplinary study is devoted to substantiating the significance of intellectual detailing as the usual order of carrying out professional methodological thinking on covital and personal events of human everyday life. The object of study is psychosocial detailing as a means of methodology in socio-humanitarianism, and its subject is the named detailing as a thinking action aimed at clarifying and explaining what happened as a personal or personified social event. The result of scientific research was the confirmation of a hypothesis consisting of two statements. The first indicates that the methodological procedure of psycho-social detailing of socially important phenomena and processes will ensure the identification of micro-connections between social and psychological mechanisms that have an impact on the behavior and activities of people in various life situations. In particular, it has been proven that the role of interrelationships between these mechanisms is performed by psychological and social details, which, due to complementarity and co-organization, form a micro-event field of interaction of the individual as a source of psycho-spiritual and environment as a socio-cultural experience of the ethnic group in space and time. The second statement, which received confirmation, states the perspective: the described methodological procedure enables prediction of social events, taking into consideration the potential response of citizens to certain events. The deed organization of psychosocial detailing of a social or life event indicates that the scenario of potential reactions is implemented by the method of extrapolation on the basis of previously acquired knowledge and on the exhaustiveness of interpretations of micro-event connections. Therefore, the methodological procedure of psychosocial detailing is fundamentally important for interdisciplinary research in the field of socio-humanitarian studies and during the creation of social prognosis.


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