The becoming of the creative personality: from creative potential to professionalism

Serhiy Shandruk


The research actualizes the problematic of formation the creative personality and versatily substantiates the development of creative potential of professional as a goal and task of training highly qualified specialists capable to productive solving of problematic situations and productive tasks. Actualization of creative potential  is considered both as an activity and as an ability of the personality of specialist-professional which are linked with already formed skill to self-balance itself as a highly complex substance of commitment that is detected in purposefulness, activity, argumentation of motivation, planning their own work, independence, speed of making decisions and responsibility for them, criticality of evaluation the results of own actions, in calls of duty and self-respect. It was proved that maximal effect of creative activity is achievable provided all elements and subsystems operate in one direction – for creation a quality product of creativity that accompanied by enhancement of the creative potential of the personality which is appeared by wide range of intellectual, motivational, communicative and professional properties which enable creative realization of professionalism, including productive problem and labor tasks solving, guarantee originality, efficiency and positive result of creative work.

Ключові слова

learning process; creativity; creative potential; creative personality: abilities; problem situation; professional activity; creative motives; creative capabilities

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