Vitacultural horizons of tolerance conceptual cognition

Olha Shayuk


The article outlines newest horizons of methodology of cognition the tolerance in thematic format of vita-cultural paradigmatic; on the base of principles, guidelines, concepts and standards of indicated meta-paradigm and methodological resources of VC-methodologization presented essentially enriched understanding of tolerance as a separate onto-phenomenal givens, form of human existence, special  psycho-spiritual state-property of the human, worldview universals and powerful theoretical construct of modern philosophical-scientific discourse; in analytical frameworks of outlined theoretical-methodological reflexion is confirmed it as the established way of constructive co-existence of people, groups, ethnic groups, nations as a basic value of modern culture, as a conscious, comprehended and responsible life position, realization of which in each separate situation has certain meaning and requires from tolerant personality of grace search the meaning and acceptance by it the human world as equal subject.

Ключові слова

tolerance; human; the world; society; being; vitacultural paradigm; the world of vitaculture; ontophenomenal givens; psycho-spiritual state-property; worldview universals; theoretical construct

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